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Star Energy Partners Outage FAQs General FAQs

Q. Why did this happen?

A. The company that relays billing information between energy suppliers (like Star) to your utility had a technical failure that made it impossible to communicate. This affected most of the electric generation suppliers and certain utilities throughout the country.

Q. How will this affect me?

A. If affected, your utility was unable to transmit your usage information to Star and we were unable to relay generation charges back to your utility in time to be included on your bill. This means Star’s generation charges did not get included on one or more of your bills. The utility will still bill you for transmission and distribution charges since those come from the utility. Star’s un-billed generation charges will show up on your next bill. So you can expect to receive a lower than usual bill since it will not include generation charges and your following bill will be higher than usual since it will reflect generation charges for more than one month. Please note that you are not being charged more than you would have been had the technical issue not occurred.

Q. If I can’t afford to pay the whole balance on my next bill what are my options?

A. Should you need to make payment arrangements, you will have to work with your utility company as they manage collection of your payment. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Q. Can you waive the charges?

A. These charges are legitimate. They are for the electricity you consumed during the month so we are unfortunately unable to waive them. The only effect this outage has on you is that your generation charges were delayed and will show up on your next bill. You are not being billed any more than you would have had the technical issue not occurred.

Q. What is my current rate & term?

A. Our customer service team is happy to help answer any questions to may have regarding your account with Star Energy Partners. Please contact them by calling 1-855-427-7827, Monday – Thursday 8AM-6PM ET, Friday 8AM-6PM ET, Saturday 10AM-2PM ET.

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