Reliable Service & Protected Prices

We make it possible to save the earth and your budget. When you switch to alternative energy, we’ll provide you with the best possible rate possible. This low, fixed cost is price protected and won’t fluctuate month to month like a traditional electricity bill. Plus, you’ll be powering your home with 100% green energy and doing your part to promote a better earth.

The Benefits of Protected Prices

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Consistent Savings

Perhaps the best part of switching to renewable energy is the consistent monthly cost. With our low fixed rate we take the surprise out of your energy bill. Now you can plan for your energy bill without having to worry about energy market price fluctuations. You always get to save.

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No Hidden Costs Or Surprise Charges

When you decide to switch to green energy, we’ll provide you with our energy platform. We let you choose your plan at your low, fixed rate that you can expect every month. We want to help you save the earth and your wallet, so we do this all while promising no hidden costs or surprise charges.

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No Cancellation Fees

We won’t lock you into a contract because we don’t need to. We are so confident you’ll love saving the earth while you save on your energy bill that we promise no absolutely zero termination fees. If you are truly unsatisfied, you can cancel without financial repercussions.

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It’s Easy

Switching to renewable energy is easy. In addition to our protected prices, low fixed rates, and zero surprise fees, we make the process of converting easy. All you have to do is decide to switch and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll even notify your utility provider that you’ve become a Star Energy Partner for you.

Contribute to a better Earth by choosing green energy.