What a Renewable Energy Company Should Be

We strive to make helping the Earth and getting low energy rates easy. We partner with green energy providers in wind and solar energy so that you don’t have to pick between being ecologically friendly and having reliable, cost friendly electricity.

The Benefits of Our Company

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Contribute to a Better Earth

When you pay your electricity bill, using our company, your money goes to our energy providers who use it to create and expand the renewable energy industry. Not only does it create jobs but it helps reduce harmful emissions that come from using fossil fuels.

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Price Protection and Low Rates

We let you choose your low cost form our energy platform and guarantee the same energy price, every month for the entire term. For each month of your 36 month term you will be billed the same low rate with no surprise fees or hidden charges. To make sure you’re always getting the best price, we’ll monitor the going rates for different renewable energies and automatically switch you to the best option at the end of every term.


No Cancellation Charges

We’re so confident you’ll love our service, we’ll let you cancel your term without any early termination fees. Helping the environment shouldn’t mean taking a risk with your energy.

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It’s Easy

When you decide to switch we’ll notify your utility provider of the change. You’ll still be billed by the same company, you’ll just be using clean energy instead of fossil fuels. All you have to do is decide! It couldn’t be any easier.

Contribute to a better Earth by choosing green energy.