Electricity Providers

Renewable Energies as Electricity Providers

Traditional power sources use fossil fuels to provide electricity. The resources create harmful carbon emissions that negatively impact the Earth. However, now you have a choice when it comes to your electricity provider. Using renewable energy to provide your electricity helps prevent further damage to our planet and we offer you a low fixed rate to make switching easy.

The Benefits of Our Electricity Providers

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Protect the Planet

Fossil fuels and nuclear energy damage the earth and its ecosystems. With over two million metric tons polluting our air every year and no clean way to dispose of radioactive waste, the only form of clean energy is using green, renewable energy like wind or solar power. These alternative energies have little to no impact on their environments and use cutting edge technology to provide the most effective energy source.

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Renewable Energy Is Renewable

Unlike fossil fuels and radioactive elements, green energy naturally replenishes. What makes renewable energy renewable is its ability to renew its resources over the course of a human life. Fossil fuels take thousands and thousands of years to be created so while we rapidly deplete the limited resources available there is nothing there to replace it.

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No Cancellation Fees or Surprise Charges

When we help you switch to green energy we offer you a low fixed rate that you can expect every month. We show you an energy platform with low prices that you choose, clearly explaining how and why your green energy will work. You’ll still be billed by the same utility provider but there are no hidden fees or surprise charges. We’ll let you cancel with no early cancellation fees if you aren’t happy with our service, but we know you will be.

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Best Price Available

Ensuring you have lowest energy cost possible, after every term we reassess your plan to ensure you have the lowest energy prices. Each term lasts 36 months and we’ll automatically convert you to the best available price./p>

Contribute to a better Earth by choosing green energy.